Dean's word

Faculty of Real Estate Management is one of the unique practice-oriented RANEPA business schools. Historically we were oriented on the real estate sphere providing study programmes for the specialists and managers of this sector of economy. It is important to mention that this sector is the most dynamic and growing in Russian Federation.
FREM is focused on the specific markets and fields of economy where marketing management, service and advertisement are very important.The Faculty is very strong in R&D, consulting and international activities especially in the field of Real Estate.
Our students actively participate in all FREM and RANEPA events. It happened that they are the leaders of Academy Students Organisation.
Faculty of Real Estate Management is students’ home. We are always happy to see, listen, support and help each of them in any case of their life!

Doctor of Economics, Full Professor Elena Ivankina

Chair of Eurasian Federation of Real Estate Consultants
Vice-president of Education and Academic connections Committee of FIABCI-World*
Vice-president of FIABCI World Council in Management.


1990  - Brooksby College, UK
1992 - Harward Business School, USA
1993 – Warton School of Economics and Finance, USA 

*International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) is the world community founded in 1948 and brings together real estate professionals from almost all continents Centers