The unique MBA in Real estate management in Russia has a constant demand now. At the Association of MBA Annual Conference 2013 (May, Warsaw, Poland) GMAT managers declared the decline of general MBA (30-40% in different countries) and growing demand for specialized degrees. Thus FREM prepared the project of Specialized MBA national standard for Russian Association of Business Education. After national recognition FREM is gowing to start the same procedure in AMBA.


To form a network of high class professionals on the managerial level of real estate and related companies united by the same level of knowledge, corporate and ethical standards in the field

Estimated hours to complete the course 1800 Hours
Estimated non-contact hours (i.e. private study, seminars, site visits, etc.) 1050 Hours
Start date: 15 Oct, 15 March
End date:  30  June, 3 March (+1 year)
Target number (per intake): 20
Number of applications:  27 (average)

Admission requirements

  • minimum 3 years of managerial experience in the real estate field

MBA student’s profile:

Average age 32
Top managers 19%
Middle managers 44%
Project managers 13%
Professionals (lawers, surveyors etc) 24%

Main professional (specialized) modules:

  • Classical Methods of Appraisal
  • Principles of Land Appraisal
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Investment Management
  • Project Management
  • Investment property portfolio
  • Investment analysis of commercial real estate
  • Professional property management
  • The choice of FM vs PM
  • Infrastructure management of commercial real estate
  • Repair and maintenance serviceForeign standards
  • Occupational safety and Labor protection
  • Management and maintenance of residential real estate
  • Cleaning and sanitation of the property; automation and dispatching of buildings.
  • Technical supervision and transfer of a completed commercial property into operation
  • Apartment building management
  • Pricing and methods of calculating tariffs for assistance and maintenance / renovation of premises
  • Court practice relating to the management of multi-occupancy building
  • Procedure for agreeing engineering infrastructure of a property