The leading representatives of FREM’s teaching staff actively pursue applied research and development work in a variety of subjects. The total value of R&D work during the last 4 years amounted to 221,000 euro, with 56 monographs, textbooks, books on teaching and methodology books published during the period of 2008 – 2012.

Academic and Research Work of the Teaching Stuff

  • FREM’s teaching staff continue to participate in law-making and regulatory work of the Russia’s Parliament (the State Duma), Russia’s Supreme Arbitration Court, Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry via participation in expert councils of these bodies
  • FREM has been continuing joint research with the National ChengChi University (Taiwan) on the following subjects: Cyclicity in the Development of Real Estate in Different Countries, Including during Periods of Global or Regional Crises and Mortgage Development: International Experience – Russia.
  • FREM is an academic member of FIABCI.
  • Recently, agreements were signed for practical training for FREM’s students in new organizations: INEX (Kama Area Institute of Assessment, Evaluation and Audit), National Federation of Professional Education, V-90 (Rostock Estate), Center for the Development of Partnership between the Government and Private Sector.
  • In 2011, Research and Implementation Center was founded with the aim of carrying out joint research work with the Autonomous Not-for-Profit Organization National Federation of Professional Education
  • FREM participates in the projects of the Government of Moscow aimed at furthering social and economic development of Moscow
  • In January 2012, in Taipei (Taiwan) a conference was held on Real Estate of Russia and Taiwan after the Crisis : Development of Partnership between the State and Private Sector. Appraisal and Taxation Aspects
  • On 12 May 2012, for the first time in Russia, a meeting of FIABCI Committee for Education and Academic Exchange was held. Dr. E.V.Ivankina, Vice President of the Committee, made a presentation at the meeting.
  • Publication of English-language articles by E.V.Ivankina (3 articles) and of MA dissertations of V.Boronin, and D.Voloshin at and at the website of the expert FIABCI world Committee.

Сontractual research

  • On Housing and Utility Sector : Increasing the Efficiency of Management Companies in the Housing and Utility Sector : measuring customer satisfaction.
  • For Tomskneftekhim (Tomsk, Russia). Review of the report by Federal Cadaster Center Zemlya on establishing the cadaster value of land plots included in the land pool of municipal organizations
  • Scientific and legal review for EkoStandard relating to the company’s right for development in terms of compliance with the federal and municipal legislation.
  • Joint research with representatives of RANEPA : Scientists and Engineers – Historical and Cultural Perspective : Development of the Cultural Environment, World View and Work Ethics, Russian Language as a Global Resource and New Technologies, Medium- and Long-Term Aspects of the Financial Markets’ Development in Russia and Analystical Backgroud to Russia’s new environmental initiatives as part of G20.
  • FREM won a grant for research work New Concepts of Affordable Housing
  • Comprehensive study of regulations and taxation relating to property complexes including land) of medical institutions financed by the Federal Budget – commissioned by the Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration

There are two areas of consultation work:

  1. Anti-Corruption Work (lead by Dr. A.A.Bogatikov, Acting Director of Consulting and Research Center of FREM, UN Expert)
  2. Protection of Bona Fide Transferees of Land Properties from Hostile Takeovers (lead by Dr. E.V.Ivankina, Expert of the Russia’s Supreme Arbitration Court and Expert of the State Duma Committees for Property and for Construction)

FREM has established Expert and Consulting Business Board, whose objective is to identify new areas of training and education for real estate specialists and research staff based on the employment market trends. 

  • Representatives of potential and/or traditional employers of FREM’s graduates are members of the State Qualification Commission;
  • In some cases, potential employers develop additional specialized educational modules and courses (Architectural and City Planning Strategy, Developer Company Finance Management, Risk Management for a Development Project, Fundamentals of Real Estate Operation Management);
  • all practical training takes place at the premises of employers that partner with FREM;
  • all research projects are included in hand-outs, newsletters or cases for the students of the programme